3 Ways to Go Deeper in Your Devotional Time This Year

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As the New Year approaches, many Christians search for ways to go deeper in their faith or give their devotional lives a much-needed overhaul. There are dozens of ways to make your devotion time more productive and creative; the key is finding one that works best for you.

Investigate a New Bible Study

Bible studies invite you to plumb the depths of familiar Scriptures instead of simply reading them. Many studies offer personal discussion questions, insights into Biblical history, and word studies using the original Greek or Hebrew. There are a plethora of study topics, so choose the ones that interest you most or speak to needs in your spiritual life. For a unique challenge, find a study on the Minor Prophets or lesser-known parts of the New Testament, such as Jude, Titus, and 1-3 John. Many Christians aren’t familiar with these, but find great truths and applications within them.

Get Out of the Chair

Many Christians have a “prayer chair,” “prayer room,” or “prayer closet.” This is fine; Jesus instructed us to go to our rooms and close the door when praying. He didn’t say, though, that prayer is only effective when you’re closed in a room. Go for a walk while praying. Watch the sunrise or sunset. Pray while working out, driving or going about your day. Listen to worship music to get in the proper frame of mind. If you’re a creative person, use writing, art, or dance as prayer mediums.

Memorize Scripture

There are many ways to do this effectively. Choose one or two verses a week, or commit to memorizing a longer passage each month. By the time the year ends, you’ll have expanded your Scripture library and have many verses to turn to when you need them.

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