3 Ways to Incorporate Evangelism into Your Everyday Life

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Many Christians do not know how to incorporate evangelism into everyday life. They fear they will “do it wrong,” or they mistakenly believe it requires extensive preparation. In reality, evangelism can take place anytime and anywhere if Christians know how to spread their faith in everyday life.

Bring Up God in Conversation

Believing a friend or coworker will stop listening as soon as you mention God is a common fear among Christians. However, you don’t have to sit down with a potential believer and ask for a commitment right away. You can approach the topic slowly, through mentioning what God is teaching you in casual conversation. Broach the subject naturally by telling your coworker about the church you go to, or what you’re currently praying for.

Use Social Networking

Understanding what role your faith plays in the social setting can make great strides toward improving daily evangelism. You can reach a wide audience of nonbelievers using social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Post your favorite scripture or encourage friends to seek God in times of need. You can send messages to friends, checking in on them and sharing links to helpful websites.

Say a Daily Prayer

The best way to incorporate evangelism into everyday life is through daily prayer. Ask God to connect you with nonbelievers who need Him the most. Ask whom you should reach out to today, and how. Ask God to open the door for divine opportunities today. If you ask for evangelism in your daily life, you may be surprised at what God sends your way.

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