What Type of Worshipper are You?

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The key to worship is not about style or preference – it’s about our love and passion for Christ. In church, we are to pour out our hearts and minds and be filled with the adoration of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. The ways in which different Christians reach this place, however, can be as varying as the multitude of different types of services.
There is a list of different styles of worship, as identified by Gary L. Thomas in the book Sacred Pathways, outlining different types of “typical” worshippers. There is no right or wrong; you can be one of these, none of these, or a mixture of more than one. Knowing your worship style can help you understand what you need as an individual to worship effectively.

The Intellectual Worshipper

These Christians can’t get out of their heads. They are thinkers who live their lives according to concepts. Understanding new things about God generally helps their spirituality grow.

The Contemplative Worshipper

This type of worshipper is centered on adoration. They prefer quiet and privacy to allow themselves to be alone with God. They seek to love God with the purist and deepest love imaginable.

The Enthusiastic Worshipper

Excitement and mystery are what keep these worshippers feeling in sync with God. They enjoy celebrations of God, and are joyous and in awe while worshipping. They seek to keep the mystery of the faith alive, and revel in the experience of cheerleading for God.

The Caregiving Worshipper

This worshipper needs to help other people to feel closest to God. Just as the patron saints found their callings, so does the caregiver in helping others. Acts of selflessness and aiding the sick and poor allow this worshipper spiritual serenity.

The Activist Worshipper

These worshippers enjoy a good fight – for the right cause, that is. They aren’t happy unless they’re vigorously standing up for what they believe in. They feel the need to confront others about their sins and stand up against evil.

The Ascetic Worshipper

The quietest of the parishioners, ascetic worshippers prefer total silence to pray with the most authenticity. They don’t want or need music, pictures, or statues to aid them in their reveries. Loving God in solitude and simplicity allows them to worship most fully.

The Traditionalist Worshipper

They prefer to have structure, rigidity, and rituals while worshipping. They feel the most comfortable in a service surrounded by symbols, sacraments, and sacrifice. They tend to lead disciplined lives of faith, and follow a predetermined standard for worshipping.

The Sensational Worshipper

These worshippers are the lovers of God who revel in awe of his Majesty through the five senses. They appreciate the goodness of God the most when able to be filled with the sights, sounds, and smells of worship. Being overwhelmed by God doesn’t bother them – in fact, it’s what they wish.

The Naturalist Worshipper

These worshippers feel closest to God when they’re outside, in nature. The walls of a church can feel stifling to them, but the open landscape God created makes them feel right at home. Naturalist worshippers go to nature to find peace, love, and adoration for God.

Remember, regardless of worship style, the goal is the same – to honor God!

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