The Relationship Between Faith and Leadership

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People tend to have faith in the oddest things. We have faith that our chairs will hold us when we sit down. We have faith that our cars will start and will take us to our destinations. However when we find ourselves in leadership, we put faith on the back burner. We rely on personal experience, on the advice of others, or on the views of a famous personality. We fail to realize that there […]

Four Characteristics of Faith-Based Leaders

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The Bible records the history of its many faith-based leaders such as Abraham, David, Moses, and Joshua. These leaders sought God’s will in every exploit and battle; however, not only did they seek God but they also believed God and obeyed Him. Hebrews 11 lists these men and women of God whose faith promoted them in the spirit realm and gives a brief commentary on what it means to be a faith-based leader. Close To […]

Four Qualities of a Servant Leader

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“Servant’s heart” and “servant leader” are common phrases heard among Christians, but many don’t know what they mean. Here are four qualities you can work on developing to become a servant leader. Listening Servant leaders are valued for their ability to communicate with others. They are skilled decision-makers and spend time listening to the needs of others to come to a knowledgeable conclusion. They aren’t too focused on their own needs. Empathy One of the […]