3 Ways to Go Deeper in Your Devotional Time This Year

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As the New Year approaches, many Christians search for ways to go deeper in their faith or give their devotional lives a much-needed overhaul. There are dozens of ways to make your devotion time more productive and creative; the key is finding one that works best for you. Investigate a New Bible Study Bible studies invite you to plumb the depths of familiar Scriptures instead of simply reading them. Many studies offer personal discussion questions, […]

How Fasting Can Improve Your Life

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Many of us think of fasting as a way to demonstrate our obedience to God. Some think of it as an obligation of being a religious person. But fasting is not about depriving the body but about making room. It moves our focus from what we need to survive to what we need to live. It allows our minds to focus on what truly deserves our attention. Let’s look at a few reasons why we […]

Treat Your Body as a Temple – 4 Steps to Healthy Living as Worship

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Everyday we hear about how we should take care of our bodies. We are reminded that we shouldn’t eat those cookies, and we feel guilty for not getting to the gym three times a week. But when we look at the scriptures, we learn that God is asking us to take care of our bodies as well. Staying healthy is not just something we do for ourselves, but something we do to show appreciation to […]

New Year, New You – Making Decisions for the Better, in Christ

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Throughout life we face many decisions, from what food to eat from whom to marry to what job to take. Making the right decisions consistently can be difficult when temptations make the wrong choices seem more gratifying or simpler. Following a life in Christ can make good decision-making easier. These steps below can help Christians through the decision-making process while bringing them closer to God. Seeing the Problem The first step is to acknowledge that […]

Your Guide to Making Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions

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“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13 The New Year offers a meaningful opportunity to make a fresh start. But what kinds of resolutions should a Christian make? Reading the Bible daily or attending church more regularly are fine goals, but the motivation behind them is just as important. To carry through on these pledges, it should be both significant and made in good faith. So how do you know […]