How Fasting Can Improve Your Life

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Many of us think of fasting as a way to demonstrate our obedience to God. Some think of it as an obligation of being a religious person. But fasting is not about depriving the body but about making room. It moves our focus from what we need to survive to what we need to live. It allows our minds to focus on what truly deserves our attention. Let’s look at a few reasons why we should consider fasting:

Finding a New Desire for God

Fasting reminds us that we need God in our lives to live a more abundant life. We know that we need food, but fasting helps us understand that God is just as important as food to endure. God satisfies our spiritual hunger and gives us the substance to live a better life. God sustains our lives and fasting makes our connection with Him closer. Fasting reprioritizes what is most important in our lives. With fasting we have a closer understanding of verses like Psalm 42:1, “Like the deer that pants after water, my soul longs for You.”

Feeling Satisfaction in Ourselves

Many people find a renewed satisfaction in themselves after fasting. They feel stronger, more clear-minded, and motivated in all aspects of their lives. The mind is closer to God because the spirit has time to hone its ability to hear God’s voice. Christ fasted and shared the benefits of fasting with his disciples when he said, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about….My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work.” You too, will experience how little importance food has when your body is filled with the Holy Spirit. A renewed closeness to God changes our perspective on life by shining a spotlight on what really matters, which makes our troubles seem less consuming.

Cleansing Our Souls

Fasting is about cleansing our bodies and our souls. It is a perfect example of treating our bodies like God’s temple. Fasting reconnects our spirit with our physical bodies. This process gives our digestive system a break and removes toxins from our bodies. But fasting is a time of filling up the spirit. When we take a break from food consumption, we can feel the hunger of our spirit more clearly. Fasting is an act of faith, showing our trust that God will provide for us and satisfy our spirit’s appetite.

Giving up a Bad Food Habit.

Fasting can be beneficial in ending a bad habit, especially a negative food habit. Abstaining from all food for a short period of time can reset our cravings. It is a good way to begin the journey of removing a food from our diet. Fasting can improve our determination by helping us to see the benefits of eliminating this bad habit. When we go without food for some time, we think more about what we decide to put in our body once we have finished fasting. We feel God’s support more intimately and are empowered to make healthy decisions for our bodies.

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