What Makes a Healthy Church Member?

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To be a healthy church member is not a given once you have joined the church or have been a member for a while. It is a process to help you empty out so that the Holy Spirit can fill you up. Here at St. Peter’s World Outreach Center, we have five marks of discipleship that describe a healthy church member and disciple.

1. Worship – Living a Lifestyle of Worship

Worship is about more than the Sunday morning praise, it is to live a lifestyle of worship. It is about experiencing God in all aspects of your life. Worship is a lifestyle of obedience unto God, not religious performance or ritual. It expands far beyond the activities of the sanctuary and encompasses the entirety of our lives.

2. Connect – Connecting for Accountability

Part of becoming a healthy church member is connecting with Christ, your church and other believers. In order to thrive, we must have someone we can connect to in our faith journey. By connecting with someone, it helps us stay accountable.

3. Grow – Reading, Studying & Praying Daily

St. Peter’s is founded upon two essential ingredients: the Word of God and Prayer. Reading and studying the Bible is necessary in order to develop a relationship with God and how in your Christian walk. Constant communication with God , through prayer, creates a type of intimacy where He talks to you and reveals His plans to you. Also prayer changes your focus to include others outside your usual relationships.

4. Serve – Serving and Giving Cheerfully

You now become a doer of the Word and not a hearer only (James 1:22). An important part of being a healthy church member is serving others. One of our core values at St. Peter’s is “every believer a servant leader.” One way to serve is through volunteer opportunities. Volunteering enables you to have a hands on role in the church in an area of passion. By volunteering you are used by God to make an impact far beyond what you can imagine. Healthy church members also give tithes and offerings. God loves a cheerful giver!

5. Go – Sharing the Love of Christ with Others

We are given the mandate in Mark 16:15 when Jesus says “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”  When most hear this they think it involves global or foreign ministries, but it is important for every believer to consider their potential to share the love of Christ as part of their every day walk. This may be done by witnessing to someone, sharing your talents and resources, or however you are led by the Holy Spirit. We cannot reach everyone, but we can reach someone, somewhere.

As each member of the church embraces the five marks of Discipleship, we will live our St. Peter’s vision more fully “to change the world through Christ one individual at a time.” A healthy church member is a contagious church member, one whose love for Christ begins on the inside and then spreads to every soul he or she comes in contact with. The far-reaching effect of one healthy church member is nothing compared to a church full of healthy members! All are a part of Christ’s plan. Isn’t Jesus wonderful?

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