Patience in Witnessing to Non-Believers

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One of the greatest blessings of our walk here on earth is the relationship we share with God. We are blessed with the love and peace that surpasses all understanding. That is the very reason we want to share it. The divine nature of our walk with God is inexplicable, but something we want everyone to know and share. That great blessing can also be our greatest weakness; after all, how do you explain the […]

Producing Patience In Our Lives

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Consider the patience of a mother comforting her new-born baby, or a loving father playing catch with his child for the first time. In these instances, having patience seems almost instinctual. Being patient with those we love can seem easy. However, remaining patient takes practice, even when those we love trigger us! Maybe the baby is inconsolable, or the child struggles to catch the ball according to our expectations. Either way, the true measure of […]

God’s Patience Towards Us

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The King James Version of the Bible translates the word patience as longsuffering. Longsuffering can most clearly be explained as having a long temper. Though we’ve heard plenty about small tempers and short fuses, a long temper is not something we’ve heard much about. That’s likely because it’s easier for us to imagine God much like ourselves, short-temper included. As we peer into our own lives, consider the depth and length of God’s temper, which […]