JC Hash Ministerial Alliance

What is the J.C. Hash Ministerial Alliance?

The J. C. Hash Ministerial Alliance is a coalition of ministers who recognize the need for mentorship, networking, accountability and fellowship. Its mission is to help ministries become strong and successful, thus impacting their neighborhoods, cities, surrounding states and nations.


A key element of godly leadership development. Through the Alliance, each pastor (and their spouse) has an opportunity to receive the benefit of over 30 years of valuable ministry and personal life experiences of Bishop James C. Hash and his wife, Lady Joyce Hash, through (spiritual) mentoring, (life) coaching and (organizational) training that will expand your knowledge and ensure the success of your ministry, marriage and entire life.


Being a part of the Alliance opens doors for great networking opportunities with other pastors who share your passion for building the kingdom of God through building people’s lives. These Divine connections create covenant partnerships where the anointing of God increases in power and effectiveness so we are empowered to complete the work God has prepared for us to do.

Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meeting offers great fellowship with other Alliance members, along with impartation and personal instruction from Bishop James C. Hash and Lady Joyce Hash, as well as occasions to meet and greet special guests representing outstanding ministries from around the globe.

Church Growth & Management Information

The Alliance provides partnership with BCCN – Bethany Cell Church Network (Bethany World Prayer Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana) that aids in the development of the cell concept and strategic planning that will establish church growth principles and processes within your ministry. Special seating at cell conferences and other SPWOC-sponsored events are available.

Consultation with the SPWOC Team

Alliance members have a plethora of resource information available through SPWOC’s professional staff, who are armed with time-tested, up-to-date information and are eager to address any concerns or challenges within your ministry.

Bookstore Discounts

As an Alliance member you will receive discounts on various products from our bookstore, which features a myriad of books from leading, best-selling authors, as well as some of the best praise and worship recording artists. We also have an array of Bibles, gifts and other materials. These wonderful products are sure to be a blessing to your life and ministry!

Membership Benefits

  • Mentorship from Dr. & Mrs. James C. Hash, Sr.
  • Networking opportunities
  • Monthly meeting with Dr. & Mrs. James C. Hash, Sr. and other Alliance pastors
  • SPWOC discounts
  • Monthly sermon outline
  • Consultation with SPWOC professional staff regarding ministry development
  • Reserved seating at special services and conferences
  • Ordination
  • Through SPWOC’s membership affiliation with national and international ministries, J. C. Ministerial Alliance members may receive registration discounts at designated conferences

For More Information

Please contact the JC Hash Ministerial Alliance at (336) 784-3072.


My name is Pastor Barry Camp from Harvest Praise Church located in Morganton, NC. My wife and I have been Pastors of Harvest Praise Church for almost 15 years. When we first began the ministry we prayed, fasted, and asked God to show us a Pastor to help train us to be successful in the ministry. Through miraculous intervention, we were introduced to Bishop and Lady Joyce Hash. We had never met them, but our spirits were drawn to them. We prayed for a long time in regards to joining the Ministerial Alliance, not because of Bishop and Lady Joyce, but because we were in a different part of the state. God continued to draw us to them, even through health situations that continually led us to the Winston Salem area. We joined the Ministerial Alliance in 2002 and the only regret that we have ever had is that we don’t live closer to receive all the benefits of Bishop and Lady Joys teaching and anointing.

When we joined the JC Hash Ministerial Alliance, our church membership was between 40 and 50 people, which was the average size of the churches we were raised in. We just knew there was something more that we needed to learn to mature in God and to help our church grow. Through Bishop’s teaching, leadership, and example of church organization and structure, we have grown, not only in number, but in producing mature and strong Christians. The most important thing that continues to draw us to Bishop and Lady Joyce is the integrity they teach and live. It has truly been a blessing to be a part of this ministry and we are looking forward to the upcoming years of being a part of JC Hash Ministerial Alliance. We only pray that we can be half the Pastors and mentors that Bishop Hash and Lady Joy have been to us. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this Alliance and to have Bishop as our covering. We are also thankful for the other ministers in the Alliance that we have come to know and call our close friends.