Live a Lifestyle of Worship

Offering praise and adoration to God through corporate and private worship is our way of showing God we truly love him and appreciate all He does for us.

We encourage you to worship with St. Peter’s on a weekly basis. This corporate worship shows unity with his family and provides an opportunity for us to hear God-inspired pastors who teach us what we need to know to follow Jesus effectively. Worship is a place where the wonders of Christ are proclaimed and people are invited to encounter God.

Additionally, we hope you’ll strive to live a lifestyle of worship. In this private worship time, you will intentionally seek and connect with God on a daily basis as well as live as though all you do is done for God.

Worship Ministry Areas:

  • Music
  • Parking
  • Sound
  • Arts
  • Communion
  • Healing School
  • Visitor Services
  • Van Ministry
  • Altar Ministry
  • Special Events
  • Ushers
  • Nurses
  • Baptism
  • Media

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