Producing Patience In Our Lives

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Consider the patience of a mother comforting her new-born baby, or a loving father playing catch with his child for the first time. In these instances, having patience seems almost instinctual. Being patient with those we love can seem easy. However, remaining patient takes practice, even when those we love trigger us! Maybe the baby is inconsolable, or the child struggles to catch the ball according to our expectations. Either way, the true measure of patience is how you practice it when it doesn’t feel natural.

Patience is one of the hardest virtues to maintain as a Christian because life throws many obstacles our way. Waiting in long lines, communicating with a difficult person, or waiting for something we long for are all times where our patience is tested. Look to these moments as opportunities for growth to practice the call of God to be tolerant, patient, and kind – especially to those people that test our patience the most.

Patience is listed third as a fruit of the Spirit, behind love and joy in Galatians. Love and joy become part of our character after we accept the truth of Christ’s love. Patience, on the other hand, may not be as natural a gift. Demonstrating true patience may take practice and perseverance, but the practice is worthy of your walk as a Christian. Be a Christ-like example of patience. Here are some ways to put that practice in action:

  • Think before you speak. There is a reason Paul calls the tongue “a double-edged sword” in the book of Hebrews. Words have the power to cut, so keep that in mind before you speak.
  • Look for opportunities to help others. Part of patience is empathy. Helping others allows us to walk in their shoes, expanding our empathy and our patience. When we understand another’s perspective, it is much easier to be patient with him or her.
  • Pray. We all are aiming for a closer relationship with God. When we are tuned into the Spirit, we will practice prayer like Daniel, without ceasing. Time spent in quiet solitude will lead to an inner peace, no matter what outside influence troubles us.

The expression of patience in our lives blesses those around us, but don’t forget how the virtue of patience blesses you as well. The expression of patience results in a calmer, kinder demeanor, and makes you slow to anger. Joy and peace of mind become a natural result.

When you feel that your patience is at an end, consider the unending patience of God. Despite our flaws, God’s word makes it clear that His love for us is immeasurable, as is His patience. In fact, it is His kindness and patience that led to our redemption. The next time you feel your temper shortening, imagine the forbearance that resulted in God’s call to you and the wondrous love He has given.

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