Divine Power Plays: Against the Strategies of Satan



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If there were ever a time that the Church needed to know and recognize the voice of God, it is today. The wind of adversity is blowing throughout the world, and society is plagued with a spirit of uncertainty. Our nations’ leaders are constantly developing strategies to fix the problems our country faces, but they have no real answers. At best, they hope their ideas will be effective, but the kind of hope the world exercises is unstable because it has no substance.

On the other hand, God’s Word has the kind of substance that gives the born-again believer true hope–the confident, joyful expectation that he can endure and survive in troubled times. Satan, who is our enemy, has planned a battle strategy against the Church–five plays to defeat and ultimately wipe out God’s people. Through these weapons, he has caused millions of Christians to live defeated lives. God has made you to be more than a conqueror. But to overcome the forces the enemy throws at you means you must fight.

All that separates a winner from a loser is the decision to be a winner. Only you can decide to win. Get in the fight. Don’t run from responsibility. Jesus was a fighter and a warrior and He wants you to be one as well. This book will show you how to develop both defensive and offensive plans to defeat the five strategic plays included in Satan’s playbook–how to become a winner in a world of quitters and losers.

Fight for your liberty. Fight for your family. Fight for your blessings, your marriage, your relationships and your life. Fight to keep your mind free from demonic oppression and speak the right words in every situation. Fight to receive everything God has promised you in His Word! Fight the good fight of faith!

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