The Relationship Between Faith and Leadership

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People tend to have faith in the oddest things. We have faith that our chairs will hold us when we sit down. We have faith that our cars will start and will take us to our destinations. However when we find ourselves in leadership, we put faith on the back burner. We rely on personal experience, on the advice of others, or on the views of a famous personality. We fail to realize that there is a definite relationship between faith and leadership, with God at the head of this supernatural relationship.

Leadership determines the attitude of a family, a church, a small Bible study group, a workplace, or a nation, be it negative or positive. It is an awesome responsibility, which is why Solomon, the wisest and richest king in the Bible, felt humbled to lead God’s people. He knew he was ill equipped to lead such a group. He even saw himself as “a little child” and asked God to give him wisdom for such a task (1 Kings 3:7-14). Solomon’s reliance on God inspired the people to get excited about anything Solomon attempted. They especially gave their all when Solomon wanted to build a house for the most high God. The task was easy because the people believed in their leader, who believed in God.

Leaders in the Bible, such as Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and Joseph, had one thing in common: they all had faith and a relationship with the Most High God. Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” defines it as ”confidence or trust in a person or thing; belief that is not based on proof.” Faith, for a Christian leader, is that inner knowing that God will do what He said He would do. Leaders need something or someone greater than themselves to believe in for them to achieve their larger-than-life goals. They need a belief system in God that is so strong that nothing can shake them from their calling. They realize that all the events in their lives have prepared them for this moment, for this time. Now they can rely on their faith in God to take them to the next level. Unlike the definition, the Christian leader’s life is all the proof needed to know that God has definitely been with him/her and that His grace, His mercy, and His love are real.

Faith and leadership go hand in hand, in that good leadership is not dependent upon one’s talents or gifts but upon one’s total surrender to God and dependence upon the Holy Spirit to amplify what God has given them. In their surrendered lives, God can tap into that part of Himself that He breathed into man in the Garden of Eden. With the Holy Spirit’s help, the leaders are more God-conscious. Now they seek more of God so that He will be glorified in their lives. The Christian leaders seek to add to the kingdom of God through the role that God has assigned them.

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An old adage states that leaders are made, not born. This may be true in that life has some odd ways of bringing out the best in people and many unassuming people have been forced into leadership roles because of the situation they found themselves in. Just ask any soldier. However in the spiritual realm, God’s leaders have something extra. They have a faith that gives them that sure foundation that God is real, that they are His servants, and that God has their names written in the palm of His hands (Isaiah 49:16). God continually has His people on His mind. No matter how big or how small the leadership role is God expects the best out of His leaders in order to bring out the best in His people.

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