The Connection Between Obedience And Love

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When David sings, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want” in the 23rd Psalm, he’s making clear his relationship to God is one of shepherd and sheep – one leads and the other obeys. If the sheep doesn’t obey, he may lose his way, get hurt, or even be killed by other animals. The shepherd wants to protect his sheep from these dangers, so he trains them to be obedient. God’s love for us is the same. He hopes for our obedience because He knows it leads to more joy and peace in our lives.

Being spiritually obedient doesn’t mean following an authoritarian dictator misusing the Bible as a tool of power, but recognizing God’s omnipotent glory and accepting it into our lives as truth. It’s about loving God and each other.

A certain level of obedience is innate in love. It creates a mutually beneficial relationship like that of sheep with the shepherd. In a romantic relationship, we willingly give up certain freedoms for the benefit of the relationship, and we get a sense of satisfaction and security by doing so.

Spiritual obedience is about trusting in God’s plan even when life gets hard. We all go through struggles, whether it’s with money, relationships, or our job. We may even struggle internally. Without some level of obedience and loyalty to God, we could all take our free will and say enough is enough. Humans turn their backs on God every day when the going gets too tough or when life starts to get too easy. That means we haven’t found true love, trust, and hope in our faith.

Practicing Obedience

When things get hard or too easy and you start to question your understanding of your faith, practice obedience:

  • Put God’s will above your own. Constantly ask God if what you’re doing is right, honest, and faithful.
  • Let Jesus take the wheel. The popular song illustrates what obedience to God can be like. There will always be variables in your life you can’t control. Seeking spiritual guidance, asking for prayers, and praying for understanding can help you remain obedient and experience God’s love.
  • Love your neighbors. Whatever life throws at you, showing compassion towards your neighbor is showing obedience to God’s commands. In loving others and doing what’s right by them, even when it’s hard, you‘re showing your complete trust in God’s will.
  • Recognize when to take action. Although “letting go and letting God” is important, you must also strive to understand when you can help yourself. You must act responsibly and faithfully, in addition to believing, to be obedient to the Lord. Serve the Lord God with whatever gifts you’ve been bestowed.

Like many things in Christianity, obedience is something we can all work toward on a daily basis. Every message you hear connects together like pieces of a puzzle, and only by putting them all together as you go through life outside of church can you start to see the big picture. Learn more about how obedience can improve your journey in Christianity by stopping by St. Peter’s Church and World Outreach Center.

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