The Importance of Striving to Live Like Jesus Christ

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“The one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked.”

John 2:6

 In our lives, we are confronted by wants: we want more money, we want more time, and we want a bigger house or a nicer car. There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting things, but we mistakenly assume that to have these things is to be successful. To truly thrive, we must emulate the life Jesus led. How do we live our lives as Jesus did? There are simple things we can do to echo his teachings, bringing us closer to Him.

Practice Patience

Becoming like Christ is not an automatic process. It is a long, slow process crafted over the course of our entire lives. Accept that you are a work in progress, and be conscious of your actions with every passing day.

Each day, our lives are filled with opportunities to act as Jesus would. In a dispute at work, we can choose to exercise kindness instead of aggression. When our children test our patience at home, we can lash out or accept their spirits with grace.

 No matter how attuned we are to Jesus’ presence, He cannot stop us from facing adversity. It is how we accept that adversity that makes a difference. Do we fill ourselves with bitterness and vengeance, or do we choose love and forgiveness? This is what Jesus died to teach us, so we should see it as a daily responsibility.


Value Life over Goods

We all want what is best for our families. As parents, we want our children to have access to the best education so they can be successful. For our spouses, we want long-lasting health and wealth. There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting material goods, but the problem becomes when we value them over the gift of eternal life. It is important for our children to attend school and for our spouses to perform well at their jobs.

We all have bills to pay. However, we should never confuse the rewards of our mortal lifestyle with the rewards of an eternal life. It is important to love God more than we love money or success. Remember that Jesus’ life was simple, that he used only what he needed. To fully live like Him, we should strive to follow his example.


Practice Love and Charity

We have mentioned that Jesus used only what he needed. The rest he used to help his fellow man. To truly live like Jesus, we need to honor those who have the least: the marginalized, the poor, and the oppressed. We can do this by volunteering our time to feed the homeless or by donating some of our extra material wealth to charity. It may be as easy as lending an ear to someone who feels lost, or by offering comfort to those who fear they are beyond redemption. We may even vote for a candidate we feel emulates Jesus’ word.

If we follow these simple steps, we become more Christ-like over the course of a lifetime. When we strive to live in his image, we pay homage to his mission and prepare ourselves for eternal life.

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