Treat Your Body as a Temple – 4 Steps to Healthy Living as Worship

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Everyday we hear about how we should take care of our bodies. We are reminded that we shouldn’t eat those cookies, and we feel guilty for not getting to the gym three times a week. But when we look at the scriptures, we learn that God is asking us to take care of our bodies as well. Staying healthy is not just something we do for ourselves, but something we do to show appreciation to God.


Overeating and unhealthy eating are common in our society and often go hand-in-hand. Unhealthy food is quicker to make and/or less expensive, and when we think about overeating, we realize that most people do not overeat when eating healthy food. When we remember that our body is God’s temple, it can inspire us to eat healthier foods. Eating well is a way that we can show our respect and appreciation to God for the amazing body we have been given.


Exercise is another way we keep our body in its best working condition. If you think of your body as a place of worship, doesn’t it make sense to keep it physically fit in order to do our best for God?

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” I Timothy 4:8

According to this bible verse, it is clear that godliness is most important, but it says that exercise has value too. God gave us a body to serve him with. Staying physically active allows us to do more for others in the name of God. Exercising gives us energy to go out and share God’s word and do what He has called us to do.


Getting enough rest is just as important to our bodies as food and exercise. Without adequate rest, our bodies do not function properly. In today’s busy world, we are all pressured to do more and to squeeze more into our day. The act of getting sleepy is God’s reminder to us that it is time to rest. He also gave us the Sabbath Day to rest from all of the obligations and chores that we fill our week with. Practice getting 8 hours of sleep and you will see that you have more energy to get things done even when you are sleeping more.


Did you know that people who go to church regularly, live about 7 years longer than non-churchgoers? Going to church is the best way to stay healthy spiritually. We need food, exercise, and rest to keep our bodies functioning properly, but we need church to keep our mind and spirit healthy. Our mind greatly affects our bodies, so its health should not be neglected. Daily stress and difficulties in life take a toll on our mind, body, and spirit. Attending church where we listen to God’s word and surround ourselves with our spiritual family renews our heart and body, preparing us for the next week.

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