Volunteer of the Month

The “Volunteer of the Month” program was developed to give recognition to those volunteers who are honoring God with their gift and talents unselfishly while displaying characteristics of a “servant” who goes beyond the ordinary.  This volunteer wants to serve and does it cheerfully, and therefore we want to honor them with a “Difference Maker” award.

An active volunteer may be nominated as a “Difference Maker” by a St. Peter’s Pastoral Director, Daytime Staff, Vision Leader, Team Leader, another Volunteer, or a Member.

The nominee will be evaluated and selected based on the following criteria. Each criteria standard has a point value. On a scale of 1 – 5, please rate the nominee on the following using this rating scale:

  • 5 = Exceptional // Significantly and consistently exceeds expected performance level
  • 4 = Highly Effective // Consistently achieves and often exceeds expected performance level
  • 3 = Effective // Consistently achieves expected performance level
  • 2 = Inconsistent // Inconsistently achieves expected performance level
  • 1 = Criteria Not seen // Specific criteria has not been observed

Volunteer of the Month Nomination

  • Attitude and Commitment

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Performance

  • Personal Traits