What Does It Mean to Have a Heart of Worship?

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It’s a sad truth that many churches today are experiencing lackluster worship. Congregations are discouraged by the state of the nation, the war against ISIS, a struggling economy, and hard times all around. It’s difficult to remove yourself from these worries while entering church, and clear your mind and heart in preparation for the act of worship. All too often, people come to church and go through the motions without truly experiencing a sense of adoration. The key to fixing this problem is to reignite a heart of worship in each member of the congregation.

A heart of worship means returning to the original goal of attending church – to engage with God for the self, from the heart. Stripping everything else away, all the worries, fears, and distractions, allows the worshipper to focus on what matters most. The act of worship needs to be inspired. If you’re one in the congregation who feels stagnant after years of attending service, know you’re not alone. As Christians we must band together and learn what makes a true heart of worship beat again.

The path to rekindling a heart of worship begins with you. The blame can’t be placed on anyone else. It’s not the service, the church leader, or the music – all of these distractions need to be stripped away. A heart of worship is defined by the bond you keep with God; nothing more, nothing less. If you’re simply going through the motions of a service, overwhelmed by personal issues or fears about the future, you haven’t fully given yourself to God. In moments of worship, one should lay their burdens down and rest at the feet of Jesus.

Surrender is the key to rediscovering your heart of worship. Ask yourself, “What kind of worship honors God?” The answer is not distracted worship, or bored worship. The kind of worship that honors God is alive. It’s palpable. Your spirit should exult in His name, and with every breath you should be honoring Him. If this is not the case, you may be focused on other things such as bad news, hardships, and worries. The key to returning to your heart of worship is by removing these things from your heart. A heart cluttered by concerns is one unable to completely embrace the act of worship.

Having a heart of worship happens when you can release the burdens of everyday life and fully embrace the grace of God. Remind yourself, God is most important. Remind yourself, He is taking care of you. Remind yourself, He has seen every day of the future, and knows what’s best for us. And most of all, remind yourself that He loves you, no matter what state your heart of worship is currently in. He wants us to do our best, and to do what’s right by Him.

With these thoughts in mind, you can be ready to cleanse your soul and have a heart of worship that’s truly alive and beating next service.

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