What “Love One Another” Truly Means

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Jesus commanded Christians to love one another, but even before that, the Bible had plenty to say about how Christians should interact. Six out of the Ten Commandments are concerned with how we should treat others. While most of us would never murder, steal from, or maliciously lie about another person, other facets of treating each other in a Christ-like way require effort and constant vigilance. Just as our relationship with God evolves over a lifetime, so do our relationships with one another. But how do we show the love of Christ through our actions each day?

Always Be Kind

 In these days of social media and the internet, the world seems to be a crueler place. Shielded behind computer screens, we’re more likely to speak harsh words to one another. Showing love in the face of hatred isn’t easy, but it’s the way that Christ lived. Always practice kindness – even to those who don’t seem to deserve it. Recognize that we’re all worthy of Christ’s love, even if we’re greeted with cruelty at every turn. Be unfailingly compassionate, and you’ll begin to see cold facades fade over the course of time.

Be Forgiving

Practicing forgiveness is every bit as hard as being kind at every turn. In our lives, we’ll inevitably face challenges and be hurt by strangers as well as those we love. These are tests we can pass, as long as we forgive. Grudges are sinful – holding on to our negative feelings will only lead to wrath. Forgiving allows both parties to begin the healing process. Ask for the power to forgive through prayer and reflection. With God’s help, you can practice this Christ-like act.

Put Others Before Yourself

We’re constantly surrounded by our own want. In our materialistic society, it’s easy to cave into wants: a want for a better car, a bigger house, and more possessions. The problem with these actions is that they effectively determine that we’re the most important characters in our own story. By living with only what we need, we’re more effectively equipped to help others.

Putting others before ourselves can be a gesture as simple as opening a door or giving up a turn. But it can also be making time for others. Build relationships with those who need it the most: the homeless man on your work commute route, for example. Jesus was known for His ability to curate relationships with those around Him. Follow His example, and treat everyone with respect.

Learning to love like Jesus takes time, diligence, and dedication. Start with small steps, like bringing a neighbor dinner or offering babysitting services to a tired mom in need. With time, you’ll learn what loving one another truly means. Reflect often through prayer and strive to live a life of modesty and kindness. Remember that love is an art, one that must be practiced and perfected over a lifetime. Show your love for Christ each day through your actions, and it will bring you closer to Him.

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