Why Christians Need Each Other

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When you commit to following Christ, you are making a commitment that will influence every part of your life. You are expressing a desire to get to know Jesus more as your spiritual life develops. Because the journey can sometimes be challenging, having Christian fellowship along the way can make the road much smoother.

Every Christian will have specific trials, tests, and triumphs that God has chosen for that person. Therefore, every spiritual life will have a different trajectory. Because of these differences, and because Christians are often reluctant to comment on others’ spiritual lives, they tend to approach Christianity from an individual perspective. “It’s just me and God,” we often say of our spiritual journeys. We assume that the opinions or practical help of other Christians would get in the way of God’s purpose for us or our relationship with Him.

The truth is, while God designed us for a fulfilling relationship with Him, He also said it isn’t good for us to be alone. In fact, He says it in the second chapter of Genesis. Adam had God to commune with, and he had plenty of animals. Yet neither God nor animals filled quite the same role as another person could, so God created Eve to be his helpmate, friend, and more.

Just as God created Eve for Adam and vice versa, He created each of us to need other people, particularly other Christians. Other people can meet some of our needs whether they are Christians or not. However, it is often true that only fellow believers can understand our spiritual walks and spur us forward in them. Here are a few other reasons Christians need each other.

Connecting for Accountability

The Christian life can be difficult at times. As a Christian, you will face plenty of trials and temptations, and they can wear you down if you try to handle them alone. Another Christian can hold you accountable and give you valuable insight as you strive to become more Christ-like.

Friendship and Fellowship

Another reason Christians need each other is related to the joy of the Christian life. A joyous occasion is simply not as uplifting if you don’t have close friends to celebrate it with you. Jesus exhorts us to celebrate with those who celebrate just as we weep with those who weep. Find a close circle of Christians you can enjoy life with. Make regular dates to check in and go over not only each other’s struggles, but where everyone is triumphing.

Shared Interests and Gifts

Paul explains in 1 Corinthians 12:12-14, that all Christians have spiritual gifts and should use them for the good of the body. The body represents the church, and when we use our unique gifts together, the church body is stronger. When the body is strong, we can uplift each other as individuals.

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